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Leverage Our VMS Platform to Enhance Cost-Saving & Reduce Operational Risks

4 in 7 Hiring Managers have referred us to their network. Our customer success team ensures easy setup and migration from your current recruitment process to VMS-oriented hiring.

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Attributes of FlentisPRO for You

Application Tracking System

Procure, manage, curate, and communicate with your Talent Pool via predictive ATS

Talent Pool & Candidate Relationship Management

Create an extensive float pool of potential contingent workers or a former contractor catalog

Payroll, Tax & Invoicing

Secure employee’s payroll, invoicing record and stays compliant with local and international tax law

Learning Management System

Create, deploy and deliver SCORM-compliant content for onboarding, skill check, or workplace training.

Document & Credential Management

Protect vendors’ sensitive information viewable by permitted stakeholders only. Greatly avert risk as we notify you of vendors’ expiring certificates.

Timesheet & KPIs

Assess each employee’s performance and scorecards for ROI evaluation along with submission and approval of timesheet within a few clicks.

Calendar and Scheduler

Schedule interviews in a jiffy that integrates with an in-built calendar for a reminder and also with other office apps.

Built-in Video Conferencing

Find a simplistic video conferencing tool that is operable on desktop & mobile devices reducing the use of multiple software at a time.

Catering to 14+ Industries To Run Full Recruitment Life Cycle


Reduce Cost to Hire


Maximize Quality of Hire


Improve Time to Hire


Scale Quantity of Hire

Trust is Earned

HIPAA Compliance


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What They Have To Say?

Great to have FlentisPRO as our vendor management system. Our contingent workforce has expanded as the business grew strong with these skillful employees. Best part? We didn’t have to put in extra dollars to install such a beneficial technology! For vendor management solutions, they have a good pricing policy. Highly recommend it to mid-size companies.


Lucas Leo Willis

Lead Recruiter of Construction Company

We managed a float pool of nurses and doctors during Pandemic. It has been the most strenuous task. We regret not to have deployed FlentisPRO earlier than August 2020. We have been conducting a number of interviews daily without a chaotic process. Onboarding candidates, their deployment, and offboarding are quite easy. While the employees were busy taking charge of the situation, this platform ensured none of their documents and certificates has expired. A blessing in the true sense.


Reese K. Jones

VP of Human Resources