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Evolving Landscape Of Top Talent Freelancers: What’s Happening In 2021?

Just like any force in nature, human psychology drifts towards equilibrium. Our conscience tells us, even in grave times like Pandemic, to ascertain what we can. So, when businesses were shutting down and employers had to sell their papers away, there still was a hope to find stability in the uncertainty.

Companies that were ready to take the challenge by their horn and employees who were quick to establish themselves remotely, made the most out of the last year. Here are my thoughts on what’s happening with the talent acquisition process of Gig Economy in 2021:

  • 36% of US employees have shifted to Work from Home permanently
    Freelancing jobs in the US contributed $1.4 trillion to the economy. Going by the statistics, this is almost a 30% increase since 2016. Moving forward, we will surely see the rise as people are leading the change for companies to adopt more technology-friendly and adaptable lifestyles.
  • Hunt for More Financial Independence
    As these numbers grow constantly, financial independence has become a motto. Many aspiring candidates, I’ve met, have shared their interest to contribute as consultants that don’t bind them to one company at a time and giving them more options to earn further.
  • Hire Specialized Vs. Generalized Talent
    We all want an ‘all rounder’, a ‘jack of all trades, or a ‘multi-tasker. As a CEO, I understand creating a team that portrays agility with resilience. But from a team development perspective, I also cherish employees who present charisma in one field. Experts who can’t be tamed on their ground. These specialized employees are now looking for contingent job roles. And why not? Companies want to get the done job, preferably by the best and most likely at a competitive value. Gig Economy allows all!
  • Stability In Disguise
    Freelancers claim they have more control of their lives and stability because of the range of clients they get to work with. Also, not to forget the endless learning that each job has for them. Although jobs are temporary or contract-based, these employees feel rather more stable than in their day jobs.
  • Flexibility and No Obligation
    Many companies and their eminent owners have spoken a great deal about adopting VMS technology. And I’m proud to say, FlentisPRO has received acceptance on all fronts. The most announcing reason for the sudden growth is how companies are evolving their organizational structure to make space for a contingent workforce. This allows the hiring managers, HRs, and management to vet the candidate well. And in case of dissatisfaction, they can simply discontinue the services without hefty loss of human resource budgets and even more of the precious time.

Having spent more than two decades in the Hiring and Recruiting industry, I have simple advice to companies- Never frame yourself into ‘One Size Fits All’. When transitioning, there are a lot of factors affecting your company’s growth. What works for others might not work for you. If an attempt at automation fails at the realistic level, no product could save you from the damage. So, be wise to choose tailored products.

I’m interested to discuss and share my experiences and learn about yours. Feel free to DM me or reach out to my official mailbox aseem@flentis.com

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