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TypesOf Employment

A Seamless Workforce Is Not A Dream Anymore. FlentisPRO VMS Manages All!

Why FlentisPro?

High-performing software solutions that drive your business forward.

Managed Service Providers are the working wheel of the Human Resource Industry. Playing the bridging role, MSPs require maximum reach and visibility in the recruiting process. FlentisPRO construes the actuality and reciprocatesit onto the platform by providing an administrative role to manage.


Full-time Employees

Can a VMS be instrumental in managing a full-time workforce? The market is revolutionizing, and we need a total talent management solution like FlentisPRO VMS to manage more than the contingent workforce. A full-time employee is considered to be working for a fixed time, typically 35-40 hours a week, and is entitled to employee benefits & compensation.

Due to fewer exits, VMS was never seen as a viable option, but with a hybrid model, the VMS platform has proved beneficial for all types of employees. FlentisPRO VMS offers a centralized hub for HR professionals to manage and nurture their full-time workforce efficiently, ensuring optimal productivity and employee engagement while driving organizational success.


Part-time Employees

Employees working fewer hours a week than full-time workers are known as part-time employees. They receive compensation based on their work hours. Both employer & employee must have a reliable source of a timesheet tracker that can log their attendance and prepare an invoice.

Most organizations like to keep part-time employees in their talent pool of passive candidates. To support the full lifecycle of part-time employees, we have sophisticated technology for you!


Contract Employees

Outlined by the terms of employment and binded it by time and/or project gives you a contract employee. It’s a time-specific or work-specific contract that allows workers access to the organization & its resources for that particular period.

It comes with struggles of misclassification, compliance, and onboarding & offboarding, which a VMS like ours can easily handle. With modules to personalize the recruitment process and integrate with existing technology for payroll, background checks, etc., FlentisPRO has it all!


Independent Contractor

A self-employed individual or business entity that offers services under a contractual arrangement is known as Independent Contractor (IC). Unlike regular employees, independent contractors can determine their work methods, schedules, and locations. They’re not on the company’s payroll, so they’re responsible for their taxes, insurance, and benefits. ICs are hired for specific projects or time frames and frequently collaborate with multiple clients concurrently.

Hence the risk of data loss keeps companies on the verge. However, with FlentisPRO, you can rest assured as your ICs undergo thorough background verification before onboarding & required to fulfill offboarding tasks before they’re released from the contract.

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Temporary Worker

When a candidate has been hired on a short-term basis to cover for a full-time employee (who is absent for a longer period, such as employees on maternity leave) is termed a temporary worker. They are also referred to as temp workers. These kinds of employees have a flexible contract, and either of the parties can put an end to the agreement.

They are mostly seen as fillers, and if they are seen as a valued asset, the agreement could be extended, or they can get in contact in the future for similar work.


On-call Employees

When you read “on-call employees,” it immediately reminds you of industries like healthcare, hospitality, transportation & logistics, retail, etc. These workers are expected to be available if and when the need arises. Companies may hire them to cover a shift when someone’s absent or during a surge in service.

FlentisPRO is specially designed to manage not just high-volume hiring but also high-priority hiring. Our shift scheduler, timesheet management, and document & credentialing act saviors for organizations that hire on-call employees.


Temp to Perm Workers

When candidates are hired as temporary workers to cover up on behalf of a full-time employee but excel in their performance to be reconsidered for a permanent offer with the company, they are coined as a temp to perm worker. Such workers start with temporary positions, gain knowledge, and become better at what they were hired for.

If their efforts and skills make them seem valuable to the employer, they could get a permanent offer. Employers also reconnect to such employees in the future for permanent positions in their firms. With a VMS that makes the transition of employment type seamless, you don’t have to worry about legal & compliance issues. We can manage it all!

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