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Activating Maximum Reach for MSPs

Managed Service Providers are the working wheel of the Human Resource Industry. Playing the bridging role, MSPs require maximum reach and visibility in the recruiting process. FlentisPRO construes the actuality and reciprocates it onto the platform by providing an administrative role to manage, procure and design process flow so that you can improve services to your clients.

In the view of the market competition, we enable our clients to white label the VMS platform and customize it to fit into your company’s ecosystem just like your own product. This, in fact, gives you an opportunity to deliver a candidate-like experience to your clients and improve your brand value.

Visibility Agility Control

Why Choose FlentisPRO?

We know you’re looking for this answer. So, let’s dive straight into it.

While most software creates a standardized solution for companies, they often forget how important internal communication is. According to the surveys, recruiting managers face unsuccessful talent acquisition drives due to poor communication between them and hiring managers. FlentisPRO takes the front seat by automating all interaction over the platform ensuring the least to-and-fro from one software to another by integrating all office cloud systems to one VMS that already comes loaded with essential features. Ultimately, it is not only uprooting ambiguity but also setting seamless experiences for clients as well as MSPs.
Our engineering and management partners have over 50+ years of combined experience in Talent acquisition and recruitment. This product is not just another VMS platform in the stream of technology. It is the ONLY product with features that are configurable, customizable, and contemporary. We aim to create a one-of-a-kind product for each of our clients.
Now find all your hiring tools and recruitment techniques situated on the workforce management platform that runs seamlessly in a user-friendly manner.
Unlike subscription-based software, you can Whitelabel this platform. Choose from the menu of features you need and create a packaged product that is nothing like others. Brand your business and impress your clients. With Super Admin Access, you’re fully in control of your database and technology. Our application’s admin module makes you self-sufficient from Day One to handle global recruiting campaigns and creating different Dashboards and roles for your team members.
In short, there will never be a threat to your operations under any circumstances.

What MSPs Are Missing Out Without VMS Platform?

While 2020 gave way to more and more business for MSPs but only those who kept their foot five years
ahead in time succeeded in the competition. Do you identify any of the four problems right now?

Losing The Race of Digital Transformation

With clients glaring into options for adopting cloud software to create a secure networking and communication model, MSPs without the proper infrastructure to handle such requisites, are struggling to find clients and visibility in such a competitive environment. To tackle ever-growing needs, we align our technology team with yours to train and configure the best solution.

Diminishing Profit Margins

Some MSPs created 42% more business in the past year, but their profit margins were closing walls. Insufficient VMS portals caused more damage than help. To fix the problem, FlentisPRO allows MSPs to define their profit margins individually before creating the requisition for suppliers. In no case, you compromise on their revenues. We don’t add extra expenses for utilizing our resources. Isn’t it better?

Failing Security Compliances

Recruitment automation has led to massive data tampering, causing major financial losses for clients. As an MSP, you can’t keep security compliance and data protection under the carpet. If your clients can’t trust your technology, they can’t do business with you. For reasons like these, FlentisPRO makes no compromise on the cybersecurity front on your behalf.

Chaotic Client Handling

Serving many clients but using multiple VMS tools? It could lead to complete chaos and ineffective operational structure. Invest in One platform that serves all-purpose without getting forced to manage multiple web apps. Streamline your business and also reduce operational cost and software training of your employees.

Achieve your GOAL with FlentisPRO

Global Roll Out

Anywhere, Everywhere. You comply with the global IT compliance and national laws that allow you to provide your services to the most remote areas as well. All we care about is that you’re hooked to the Internet!

Overall Control

You’re equipped to add, edit and modify feature settings from our platform’s admin panel. We know you cherish the least dependency on us to run your campaigns as, when, and how you want. That’s what you get!

Architecture Paradigm

Our UX/UI designers have ensured the platform works for you rather than you working on it. We keep the user experience as self-explanatory and natural. For any assistance, you have our experts waiting to solve your queries.

Log in Once & For All

Working with multiple clients? No problem! We keep it simple by adding all your clients on the side panel rather than complicating things with different web links! Just click to switch and optimize your work.

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