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Workforce Management Solutions

Let’s streamline and automate your staffing processes to enhance productivity and make more work efficient.


Total Talent Management Solutions

Embrace the power of our innovative Total Talent Management solution, revolutionizing how you manage your workforce. Seamlessly merge and optimize both permanent and contingent talent, to attain agility, efficiency, and scalability beyond expected.

Our modern VMS empowers you to effortlessly source, onboard, and engage top-tier talent, while strategically aligning your organizational goals. Maximize productivity and stay ahead of the competition with a comprehensive and transformative approach to talent management. Experience the future of workforce optimization today.


Demand Management Solutions

Elevate your staffing operations with our innovative Demand Management Solution. Gain full control and visibility over client demands, enabling efficient resource allocation and optimized staffing strategies. Our intuitive platform empowers you to accurately forecast and anticipate client needs, streamline candidate sourcing and selection processes, and deliver exceptional service.

Maximize client satisfaction, minimize time-to-fill, and drive revenue growth by effectively managing demand fluctuations with agility and precision. Stay ahead of the competition and ensure seamless alignment between client requirements and your staffing capabilities.


Direct Sourcing Solution

We give you the “RPO for Contingent”. With your dedicated hiring and recruiting team, leverage advanced sourcing techniques, talent pools, and automation to build a strong employer brand and efficiently manage candidate pipelines. Such solutions enable a firm to meet their workforce needs faster with higher quality talents that too at lower costs.

Gain a competitive edge in the staffing industry by taking control of your sourcing strategy and accessing the best talent directly, ensuring exceptional placements and client satisfaction.


Strategic Partnership Solutions

FlentisPRO believes in growing its horizons with a suite of power-packed technologies by its side that only enhances client experience by many folds. Our robust and agile VMS platform is capable of hosting series of technology & service providers to fit in the big-shoes of market demands.

Our collaborations with ATS provides, job boards, background verification platforms, payroll & compliance, HRIS and business intelligence programs are some to name. We’re quite prevalent in the business of partnerships. Talk to our experts to know more.

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High Volume Workforce Solution

Meet fluctuating demands, ensure productivity and operational excellence in high transactions as well as a dynamic workers’ shift environment. Our comprehensive approach combines advanced technology, streamlined processes, and expert support to efficiently handle large-scale recruitment, onboarding, and management.

Whether it's seasonal peaks, project-based requirements, or rapid expansion, our workforce solution empowers you to quickly access qualified talent, optimize resource allocation, and achieve cost-effective outcomes. We make everything look simple from time tracking, automatic invoicing, visibility, credentialing, attendance tracking, communication, rate calculations for shift differences to


Extended Workforce Management Solution

Employees, classified as independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, etc., offer skills, services, and expertise on a provision to companies in order to make up for the absence of your employees, unforeseen exits, talent shortages, and seasonal fluctuations.

To have an agile workforce and better success for your business, an extended workforce solution is the best choice. Plan your requirements, manage your workforce, and analyze the contingent needs with the assistance of a simple platform.


Temp to Perm Workers

When candidates are hired as temporary workers to cover up on behalf of a full-time employee but excel in their performance to be reconsidered for a permanent offer with the company is coined as a temp to perm worker. Such workers start with temporary positions, gain knowledge, and gradually become better at what they were hired for.

If their efforts and skills make them seem valuable to the employer, they could get a permanent offer from them. Employers also reconnect to such employees in the future for permanent positions in their firm.

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