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With Us, You Feel The Difference

Hiring technology has become inevitable if your organization has a flexible workforce model which demands high-volume recruitment in record time to drive successful hiring outcomes. Recently, the need for an agile and scalable Vendor Management System arose when the global economy danced between economic depression, great resignation, and a pandemic. However, the existing technology wasn’t useful, approachable, or affordable for mid-size businesses. Even large-scale enterprises suffered to find brand-worthy solutions.

That’s where FlentisPRO marked its success and helped clients around the globe to find a scalable VMS platform that grows with your company. We have earned your respect and acceptance with a user-friendly design and a 24/7 support system that keeps the dice rolling between hiring managers, recruiters, HR associates, vendors, and candidates.


Our Key Differentiator

Best Vendor Management System

Fully Customizable Platform

It is our protocol that we spend time with stakeholders who run the business to understand their process workflow, hidden spends, organizational structure, and other key determiners. Once we know the essence of your enterprise, we tailor-fit our platform for your company and its culture.

Whether you are in the first-generation program or need an upgrade, we have a customized solution. So, let’s discuss the specifics of your business needs and wireframe to optimize the platform just for you!


User-Friendly Interface

A thousand tabs can make you lose your calm in a minute. And we can’t imagine how you could start your day with so much hassle ahead of you. Now say goodbye to staffing headaches and hello to your awesome FlentisPRO VMS. Designed to glide you through your tasks like a pro; this platform is all about making your job easy.

So, if you’re tired of giving multiple training and spending on technology that doesn’t work for you, then it is time to upgrade. Get ready to discover the excellence of our modern VMS that businesses can’t cease to rave about!


Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Design your own data sheets and reports at your fingertips. Dive deep into the data and uncover meaningful insights to transform your staffing strategy. Our interactive reports enable you to track key metrics, measure vendor performance, and identify areas for improvement.

We’re better because we brought the agility to you. From standard templates to custom reports, you can pick and choose how you want to view the data. To fully own the recruitment program and infuse transparency, visibility, and DE&I goals, choose FlentisPRO.


Streamlined Vendor Management

Are you seeking a seamless approach to overseeing your vendors? Our Vendor Management System (VMS) allows you to centralize and optimize vendor-related processes. FlentisPRO VMS empowers you to effectively manage vendor contracts, track performance, and enhance communication—all in one place. Bid farewell to manual paperwork and embrace heightened productivity. Eager to witness its capabilities firsthand? Book a product demo today and explore how FlentisPRO VMS can transform your vendor management process.


Seamless Workforce Technology Integration

FlentisPRO integrates with in-house and outsourced applications using API calls and a secure host network. This platform becomes your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all talent management ecosystems. We integrate:

Payroll and Billing Systems
HR Information Systems
Talent Management Systems
Managed Service Providers
Direct Sourcing
Freelance Management Systems
Applicant Tracking Systems

Inherit Organization’s Workflow

Technology implementation scares organizations because they fear transferring processes to virtual environments. With our team of consultants, you will never have to worry about losing data, risk of reputation, and workflow hassles. FlentisPRO is agile and designs your online recruitment process how you want it to be. Adding all supporting technology to your user experience.

So, we take all the limitations like mid-size staffing programs, flexible acquisition budgets, and multi-sourcing of talent out of your way. We deal with all with full enthusiasm and transparency.


Enhanced Candidate Experience

It’s all about fostering a “Positive Employer Brand” when it comes to candidate experience. Creating an engaging recruitment process helps companies to leave a lasting impression on candidates, enhancing their perception of the company and increasing the likelihood of accepting job offers. In this competitive marketplace, a positive candidate experience also promotes word-of-mouth referrals, expanding the talent pool and strengthening the company's overall reputation. If you believe your workforce directly impacts your business, then let’s talk about giving them a seamless experience from start to finish.


Scalability and Growth Support

Scalability matters. Your business will never stay stagnant. The market will keep moving, and so will your staffing demands. Our technology infrastructure is built to adapt to your growing business. In fact, not just growing needs; it’s easy to downsize during the economic depression. Given that our VMS platform is a fully supplier-funded model, you end up paying no upfront cost.

Are you looking to automate manual staffing tasks, improve visibility into the workplace, and get data insights into supplier performance? FlentisPRO VMS is the answer!


Fast Implementation & Full Client Support

Are you seeking a seamless approach to overseeing your vendors? With our staffing Vendor Management System (VMS), you can effortlessly centralize and optimize vendor-related processes. Our VMS empowers you to effectively manage vendor contracts, track performance, and enhance communication—all in one place. Bid farewell to manual paperwork and embrace heightened productivity. Eager to witness its capabilities firsthand? Secure a demo today and explore how our staffing VMS can transform your vendor management process.


Let’s Talk & Walk ROI

Implementing FlenitsPRO VMS yields a strong return on investment (ROI) for your business. By streamlining and automating various staffing processes, such as candidate sourcing, onboarding, and vendor management, our VMS reduces administrative costs and enhances operational efficiency. The improved productivity and faster time-to-fill positions result in minimized revenue loss from unfilled vacancies. Accurate billing and compliance management lead to reduced financial risks and potential penalties.

Additionally, data-driven insights enable better decision-making and strategic workforce planning, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing ROI. Think you need to save money? Request a demo today!

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