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FlentisPRO: A VMS for Everyone

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Supplier Management

Simplify Supplier Onboarding and Management with Our VMS Solution

Give your staffing suppliers peace of mind with clear communication and transparency of business. FlentisPRO VMS makes vendor onboarding a breeze from the beginning. Now manage your suppliers’ pool and their performance within the platform and optimize the degree of service & quality of candidates easily.

Job Requisition Management

Drive Talent Through Seamless Job Requisition Management

FlentisPRO VMS has an advanced process of creating a new job requisition, approval workflow, and tracking the progress of fulfilling the requirement. We help you declutter recruitment and map the shortest distance from job creation to onboarding an employee. Let’s streamline everyone from hiring managers, HR professionals, and staffing suppliers to candidates.

Candidate Sourcing and Screening

Candidate Sourcing & Screening Made Super Simplified

Candidates on-the-go? Yes! FlentisPRO VMS makes that happen for you. Get ready to hire top talent quickly and efficiently with the capacities of our VMS platform. With our predictive technology, we have automated candidate sourcing, filtering, and screening of the talent pool with modern tools. It’s a user-friendly and highly-rated feature of our recruiting management software.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Track the Clock with FlentisPRO’s Timesheet Management Software

Workforce tracking, automating timekeeping, and ensuring accurate attendance records has to be some major concerns of any business that employs contingent workers. FlentisPRO VMS enhances productivity and compliance with real-time visibility into employee hours, scheduling, and leave management. We’re championing the game of work-hour-rate!

Interview and Hiring Workflow

Hiring Platform that Lends You a Helping Hand

Companies lose revenues when they are caught up in finding the right candidate to do the job. We help businesses to design the interview and hiring workflow that our VMS will help you follow. It’s a friend in need, a friend indeed! So, next time you have a job opening, you already know how, when, and where the candidates will go.

Onboarding and Offboarding Processes

Define Your Candidate Journey without Ifs and Buts

Onboarding and offboarding stress involved with a contingent workforce are one of the biggest barriers to why companies are afraid to scale their temp hiring. We designed our VMS platform with great care so we involve the comfort of a company and a candidate. From document & compliance process and orientation of an employee to exit interview- we’ve got everything covered!

Document Compliance and Risk Management

Stay Compliant & Be Risk-Free with FlentisPRO VMS

What’s special with FlentisPRO VMS? Our proactive document expiration reminders. We make it obvious to you when a document is expiring so you and your employees can stay compliant. We provide you with robust document management capabilities so you can securely store and track employee documents, certifications, and contracts, enabling easy access and efficient audits.

Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Make Data Work for You with Custom Reports & Forecasting

Leverage the power of predictive analytics and reporting to make data-driven hiring decisions. Gain insights into recruitment trends, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your talent acquisition strategies for enhanced success. With our custom reporting module, you can tap into the in-depth areas to improve DE&I strategies.

Integration with HR and Payroll Systems

Technology Integrations for Total Talent Management Solution

We make dreams happen. With our plug-and-play API framework, we cater to all your requests. Let’s build a total talent management solution that speaks about your recruitment process. We are inclusive in our approach and work cohesively to produce impactful technology solutions from payroll, background verification, IC compliance, and whatnot!

Invoice and Payment Processing

Be Everyone’s Favorite Workplace

FlentisPRO VMS makes financial operations seamless, no matter the employee size or acquisition budget. Automate invoicing, track payments, and streamline financial transactions for improved efficiency and accuracy. We are fully capacitated to integrate with any enterprise payroll system.

Contract Management

Contracts Will Never Scare You with FlentisPRO

It’s like walking on eggshells when it comes to contract management. Can you imagine hiring hundreds of contingent workforce and losing their initial contracts in thousands of emails in the inbox? Nightmare! We help you to keep all your contingent employees in the system with their contracts from all the assignments in the past to the current ones attached to their profiles. Forget the stress of missing any contract ever!

Rate Management and Negotiation

Make Diligent Decisions with FlentisPRO’s Rate Management Workflow

Easily track and manage vendor rates, facilitate rate negotiations, and ensure competitive pricing while maintaining budgetary control. We give control to your hands and customize it as you like it. It’s your administration, and you should lead the market trends.

Talent Pool Management

Top Talent Pool for Top Tier Performance

Talent pool management comes with the conscious assessment of candidates now. Centralize candidate data, track qualifications and skills, and engage with your talent pool for quick and efficient talent sourcing. Our in-built candidate engagement tools, like video-conferencing, puts an end to candidates waiting for responses.

Shift and Schedule Management

Enable Shift Scheduling to Improve Workforce Efficiency

If you have been unable to manage shifts for your workforce, chances are that you have over-hired, leading to a loss of revenue and exhaustive acquisition budgets. FlentisPRO has the “Coolest” shift scheduler to offer. Don’t believe us? Try out yourself on a live demo.

Compliance with Labor Laws and Regulations

Say Goodbye to Candidate Misclassification & Broken Laws

Automate compliance checks, track labor law requirements and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance with FlentisPRO VMS. With our document tracking process, you can rest assured about not ending up in legal trouble. Also, through our partnership with IC Compliance and background verification technologies, we offer a holistic solution.

Vendor Performance Monitoring and Scorecards

Work with the Best Staffing Suppliers All Year

You deserve a comprehensive solution that not only fits well for a contingent and permanent workforce but also helps you manage staffing vendors. Our supplier's pool is always on-check. Track vendor metrics, assess performance through scorecards, and optimize vendor relationships for a better return on investment.

Automated Workflows and Approvals

Achieve Operational Excellence with FlentisPRO VMS

Aim for operational precision with FlentisPRO. We help you automate the most redundant tasks to free up your mind for more important goals. Recruitment need not be boring. Hence, we give a VMS platform for increased efficiency, faster turnaround times, and improved collaboration for enhanced productivity and better decision-making.

Resource Allocation and Demand Planning

Organization-Wide Visibility and Resource Planning

Gain insights into resource availability, forecast demand, and allocate resources effectively, maximizing productivity and minimizing acquisition costs. Whether you want to scale globally or find a local staffing solution, we help you throughout. With FlentisPRO VMS, you can never go wrong in resource planning.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Empowering Your Contingent Workforce with Technology

Eradicate ambiguity and enable employees to manage their profiles, update information, and access relevant documents, fostering engagement and reducing administrative overhead with FlentisPRO. We assign each contingent worker with their login credentials and integrate them into the organization.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Make Reports & Dashboards to Fit Your Needs

We’re not just about customizing our VMS platform for an organization, but we go up to individual user experience. Customize visualizations, generate reports, and track key performance indicators, enabling data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring with our Reporting module. Also, our quick view dashboard empowers you with process personalization.

January 2023

FlentisPRO Releases it’s Shift Scheduler Like no Other

FlentisPRO VMS now comes with its shift scheduling solution that is revolutionizing workforce management. It’s a boon to industries like healthcare, construction, logistics where high volume, high risk hiring is a norm. Managers can effortlessly create, manage, and optimize employee schedules with just a click. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and embrace seamless coordination, ensuring smooth operations and improved productivity.

November 2022

Healthcare Gets its Superhero in FlentisPRO’s Float Pool

FlentisPRO enhanced its VMS healthcare platform with Float Pool Integration. Now manage and deploy qualified healthcare professionals across multiple facilities, optimizing staff allocation and ensuring continuity of care. Now aim for increased efficiency, reduced costs, and provide better patient outcomes with our innovative float pool solution. See how it fits your organization today!

August 2022

Clicks Away from Employee DE&I Data Via FlentisPRO Predictive Reports

We listened closely and heard your challenges around being compliant to DE&I policies. Now read reports that make sense to you. With FlentisPRO’s predictive reporting and forecasting, it’s easy to track all relevant DE&I data of your organization across the globe. We keep you in-check and compliant. Now imagine putting pieces together and finding the right solution without any hassle.


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