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Flentis Sep ,13 2021

Human Resource managers are always split between opinions when it comes to judging the book by its cover.

Flentis Sep ,10 2021

Our client is a US-based financial services company that provides advisors who are determined to treat their associates as partners and treat clients fairly by ..

Flentis Aug ,31 2021

Are you searching for appropriate candidates for a job opening and cannot find the right candidate? Stress not.

Flentis Aug 17, 2021

Our client is a USA-based engineering and construction company with expertise in AutoCAD, prefabrication, design, installation, and other facets of mechanical construction.

Flentis July 21, 2021

“Adopt Direct Sourcing Model with VMS Technology to Support Your In-House Recruiting Program”

Flentis July ,09 2021

Spreadsheets might seem and look easier or may be the easiest thing. But is that easy to manage when it comes to maintaining the documents, data and details of your contingent staff?

Flentis July ,09 2021

Do you know how a Vendor Management System works? Once you have figured out why you need a vendor management system, the next step is to be aware of how this platform operates.

Flentis July ,09 2021

Did you know that Vendor Management System became popular in the late-1980s through the mid-1990s? Businesses require a system to reduce outsourcing costs.

Flentis July ,09 2021

As your business is growing with time, it is bound to cater to more customers, hence managing a growing list of vendors.

Flentis July ,08 2021

A route to acquire top talents, staying compliant, and mitigating vendor risk.

7 Reasons Why a Recruitment Workforce Management System is Important
Flentis July ,07 2021

Businesses, organizations, and companies are still adjusting to the pandemic,

Industry 4.0: Workforce Management in Fourth Industrial Revolution
Flentis July ,06 2021

The coining of the term, “Fourth Industrial Revolution” happened in Davos, 2016.

Flentis June 1, 2021

The Case Study of a Wealth Management Company

Flentis March 5, 2021

An organization is bound to face a couple of challenges if the vendor management is not implemented with precision.

Flentis March 5, 2021

Just like any force in nature, human psychology drifts towards equilibrium.

Flentis February 13, 2021

Vendor management is quite more than just getting suppliers to offer you a far better contract.

Flentis January 3, 2021

“80% of employees in United States will switch to Freelancing by 2030.” Are you prepared to handle a contingent workforce?