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About FlentisPRO

About Our VMS Platform

Cultivation of differences into strengths – the tapestry woven by trust, honesty, and hard work that creates a beautiful art of ideas. When we probed to find a holistic VMS platform, we found missing threads and that led to invention of FlentisPRO.


Our History

Assisting and enabling companies to procure and manage the intelligent workforce on an innovative platform, FlentisPRO was incepted in 2017. It is headquartered in North Dakota, USA, and has spread across Canada and India.

Flentis renders 50+ years of combined experience in catering to Fortune 500 companies with contingent and permanent workforce management solutions backed by advanced data analytics and market research. We’re an invested group of enthusiasts who strive to make a difference in the world – having spent years developing strategies and solutions to serve our clients with the best result

Vision: Together we T.H.R.I.V.E.

Transformation: Explore the transformative powers of our technology that shatters traditional boundaries, and maximizes new possibilities.

Hopeful: Innovation and optimism is the way for solving big problems.

Revolution: Explore the frontiers of the technology revolution that will upscale your business & work culture.

Innovation: We see each day with the lens of innovation to make your life a lot easier than yesterday.

Velocity: We accelerate your success story with a technology that understands you & your needs from Day Uno.

Excellence: Catering perfection to your goals while evolving with your journey.


Procuring workforces: To enable organizations to streamline and automate their hiring processes, leading to organization-wide cost savings, better planning, budgeting, and forecasting of human resources.

Managing workforces: To streamline and support the tracking, scheduling, and training of human resources – leading to increased organizational productivity.



FlentisPRO VMS is A Super Hub for Your Entire External Workforce

Before mantling a vendor management software solution that works for you, we make conscious decisions backed with collective research, strengths, and knowledge to understand your business model rather than having you work on it.

We have a solution-oriented and client-first approach that suits us for your business. With your confidence and trust, we’re ready to perform 10x!


At Flentis we define our company’s culture as:

  • Embracing diversity with kindness, respect, and equality.

  • Propelling result-oriented approaches from the top to the foundation.

  • Nurturing a “You-First” environment.

  • Evolving with time and learning to stay up to date.

  • Purposing our approach toward the client with empathy, grace, and a code of conduct.

  • Becoming a part of our people’s success stories.

About FlentisPRO

About Our VMS Platform

Flentis provides enterprise buyers of external labor a dedicated system of record and real-time data to drive strategy. You need the deep-dive reports & analytics to foresee what your organization would need in the next few days to years. Can you imagine running such an analysis on pulp & paper?

Flentis makes each penny invested into the future of work so when you hire a temporary worker next time, you step up from the present challenges of the market dynamics. We use innovation & user accessibility as our guiding light to bring the vendor management solution to you that gives us an upper platform for being the obvious choice for any mid-to-large company that is managing & procuring their contingent workforce.

It is developed using agile technologies allowing businesses to procure and manage a full recruitment life cycle as well as enhance the capabilities of MSPs, direct clients and staffing agencies.

Meet the Experts

Our Leaders

Aseem Anand

Chief Executive Officer

Rakesh Arora

Co-founder & Managing Director

Gregory Battig


Laura Moritz

VP of Product Development and Implementation

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