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Nine Features Shaping the Futuristic FlentisPRO


VMS Software- Created to Impress

FlentisPRO is an invention that is thoughtful and precisely built within 1+ Million hours of collaborative brainstorming, development, and implementation from scratch to a polished Cloud-based SAAS Platform. For us, your comfort and interest in using FlentisPRO meant success. And we revolved all our decision-making to ensure product quality, modish UI/UX, and secure technology that suits your enterprise.

Our Disruptive Technology

Our well-rounded Vendor Management System comprises nine features that are accelerating business growth by more than 30% for our clients in the first year of implementation. What’s in for your business?


Learning Management System

A blended system of learning and laboratories to train the new employees for the onboarding process, technical job, or workplace fitment:

  • Create, deploy and deliver SCORM-compliant candidate assessments content
  • Generate and manage certificates and performance reports
  • All-in-one cloud-based modules to improve candidate experience

Application Tracking System

From 99% of Fortune 500 companies to mid-size businesses, ATS has become a norm to manage, curate, and communicate with your Talent Pool.

  • Create and share job requisitions
  • Find the best match with our predictive technology
  • Engage candidates via automated emails, texts and by scheduling video interviews

Document & Credential Management

Candidates’ sensitive information is kept highly protected and visible only to permitted stakeholders.

  • Suppliers can upload candidate’s resumes, certificates, licenses, NDAs, contracts, etc
  • Send job SOW agreement for e-signature
  • System tracks document expiration and sends automated notifications prior to the expiry date

Built-in Video Conferencing

A contemporary and simplistic video conferencing environment is available that is operable on desktop & mobile devices reducing the use of multiple software at a time.

  • Share screens and record meetings
  • Attach recorded interviews to the candidate’s profile
  • 2 to 100 attendees allowed in an encrypted video meet

Talent Pool & Candidate Relationship Management

Ability to create an extensive float pool of potential contingent workers or former contractor catalog.

  • Multiple filters to select candidates based on location, skills, and worker type
  • Engage via emails, video meetings, and SMS directly with the candidates
  • Send automated offer letters and receive acceptance over email or text

Timesheet & KPIs

Along with submission and approval of timesheet within a few clicks, you can also assess each employee’s performance and scorecards for ROI evaluation.

  • Manage database of timesheets and invoices
  • Create on-demand scorecards to review candidates or suppliers
  • Monitor suppliers’ performance

Calendar and Scheduler

Schedule interviews in a jiffy with our Scheduler that integrates with an in-built calendar:

  • Save time and bring all stakeholders to a table
  • Create requisition from the calendar
  • Aesthetically pleasing scheduler view with ease of use

Payroll, Tax & Invoicing

Enables sophisticated data-keeping of every employee’s payroll record, stays compliant with local and international tax laws, and provides a way for easy clearance of invoices.

  • Integrates HRIS, Admin Management System, and Payroll Management to release invoice
  • Produce reports like employee cost based on department, location, etc
  • Maintains statutory compliance