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FlentisPRO Transforms the Contingent Workforce Management Software

FlentisPRO Transforms the Contingent Workforce Management Software

Before contingent workforce management software existed, hiring and recruiting processes required manual labor. Candidates became employees when they enrolled in the organization, that too, with complete documentation. These documents were all on paper and held the utmost importance in one's professional life. Organizations recorded all the contracts and data on their spreadsheets. This was a time-taking procedure, yet the recruitment department made it a point to maintain each team member's agreement.

Along with time and the development around the world came technology. With technology, vendor management software solutions took birth. A recruitment workforce management system comprises several tools that assist in more manageable and smoother hiring and management. Integrating a vendor management system allows you to grow more, gain profits, save costs, and be more successful.

Have you wondered how FlentisPRO can change the total workforce management? Well, here is how that will happen.


A VMS Portal, like FlentisPRO, offers a minimum of eight top-used tools. The below-mentioned tools help boost the recruiting process making it easier for multi-national organizations. It also assists in getting top talents from the talent pools present in the VMS portal, managing the timesheet, using automated invoices, managing payrolls, and much more.

  • Built-in Video Conferencing
  • Calendar & Scheduler
  • Timesheets & KPIs
  • Document & Credential Management
  • Payroll & Invoicing
  • Talent Pool
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Application Tracking System (ATS)


Integrating with USAs best vendor management eases off the management-related work. Managing thousands of employees like the traditional times is not easy unless you have a VMS. The platform stores all the documents that are accessible to permitted stakeholders. Employees' performances can be tracked, and timesheets, KPIs, and assessments can be viewed on this software solution. Training sessions can be provided on the learning management system (LMS).


As mentioned earlier, training sessions become more accessible with a vendor management software solution. Workforce management and recruitment processes become smoother once you start using a workforce management system. Hiring and recruiting different kinds of staffing, like SOW contracts, remote workers, part-time employees, full-time workers, and freelancers, becomes easier with the help of the talent pool. Top talents can be found in no time with the assistance of this candidate pool that segregates candidates on their interests and skills, to name a few.


Inconsistencies, compliance risks, liabilities, and inefficiencies were highly present in traditional HR practices. This means that n number of top talents could slip through without coming to the employer's notice. As a result, growth and success come to a pause. And when your business is on the path to expansion, falling back to the start line could hamper the reputation of your firm. FlentisPRO, the best recruitment workforce management system, mitigates risks and stays compliant. This results in a stronger bond with your suppliers.


The workforce management tools help in sourcing, hiring, onboarding-offboarding, and managing the staff. Businesses can have the upper hand with a vendor management system as FlentisPRO is determined to provide value to the customers, MSPs, and other users. Getting top talents around the world ensures better deliverables and value. The best part is that costs are flexible and fit your needs.

Ever since the pandemic, a lot has changed, even the traditional style of hiring and recruiting. With the new times and the future of work, candidates clearly prefer working according to their comfort, which means they would like to work from home and be their own boss even when they are connected to the organization. Vendor management is crucial and should be handled with care, just like a recruitment workforce management system. A VMS portal keeps all your candidates connected in a systematic order. Additionally, your budgets will be set, costs will be controlled, and you will gain more profits with time. FlentisPRO takes care of the main obstacles, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture – the growth and success of your business.

The future of contingent staffing, workforce management, and your business' success is all in your hands. Integrate with a Vendor Management System to achieve maximum benefits and speedy growth.

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