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The Case Study of an Education Institute

Nine-Module VMS System To Support Onboarding & Offboarding of Temp Employees

How Can a VMS Platform Help an Education Institute

Client Details

  • Industry: Education Sector
  • Company Size: 1500 Lecturers
  • Geography: New York, United States
  • Founded in: 1930

The Problem Statement

A New York-based College decided to become our client in 2020. This client has around 1,500 teaching staff (both part-time and full-time) at present. Once the lockdown started in February 2020, their HR department scaled up the hiring of temporary workforce to accommodate the rising need of technically skilled employees.

The ratio of temp-to-perm went upto 7:4 making it impossible for HR experts to maintain records and for recruiters to fill-the-position within time.

Data management of all the staff had gone for a toss, and invoice mess-ups had become more common. A few more critical issues faced by this institute were:

  • Unable to review the performances of the professors
  • Document mismanagement
  • Unreliable mode of time tracking
  • No proper orientation program for new joiners
  • Invoice misclassification leading to bad reputation causing lower retention rate

The college administration has used a VMS system but lacked the flexibility to integrate features that were required to solve their problems.

"FlentisPRO comes with nine technology modules. It’s a plug and play experience allows you to customize the VMS product as per your organization’s requirement."

The Solution

Making the shift from a well-known VMS software to the modern platform was a concerning thought for the college management. If done incorrectly, it could lead to thousands of dollars assigned to acquisition process into vain. As we assure our clients the best after-implementation service, this wasn’t a hassle once we started the project.

The college has been working to built their candidate pool as they use direct sourcing mainly. So, we white-labeled their Vendor Management System USA to give them a personalized touch. This way, their reputation with suppliers have improved. Giving them an edge over other competitors in the market when it comes to sourcing the top talent workforce for their college. Our document and credential management tool allows them to collect documents, information, contracts and other certificates that are now stored in a cloud-space with security protocols in place.

We integrated a third-party clock-in and clock-out software that automatically fed information into our VMS. This eased out the invoice management as machine algorithms took the calculation to the backend.

Using the video conferencing tool and learning management system, orientation programs were made easy for delivery. They have appointed a virtual team that is responsible for guiding the new joiners into the organization.

Ever since the implementation, hiring and recruitment has gone up to 34%. The client is elated to find automated emails and text messages whenever an important update is floated by the admin. In short, we have been successful in providing our client with an absolute solution for their end-to-end recruitment cycle.

The Result

As mentioned earlier, their temp-to-perm workforce ratio is maintained at 7:4 and they have converted contract-to-hire into permanent employees that gives them an edge over other recruitment methods. This way they attain higher rate of retention and forging a way for their temp employees to aspire for more opportunities at the institute. This has attracted a lot of local attraction from candidates which is why their overall acquisition and employee cost has reduced by 17.8% as compared to the last financial year.

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