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The Case Study of a Financial Services Industry

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How to Get Your Organization on Top with a VMS Portal

Client Details

  • Industry: Financial Services Industry
  • Company Size: 24700+ Employees
  • Geography: Missouri, USA
  • Founded in: 1922

The Problem Statement

Our client is a US-based financial services company that provides advisors who are determined to treat their associates as partners and treat clients fairly by offering appropriate quality investments. Since our client deals with hosting financial advisors worldwide, management of the vendors became sturdy, especially during the lockdown.

It was crucial to release specific data to the workforce as much confidential information is involved in such an industry. Our client was keen on knowing if our Vendor Management System, FlentisPRO, could resolve this significant issue. Since their workforce rate fell by 31.2% during the pandemic, their business growth was getting hampered. Targets and deliverables were not met, which affected their business on many levels. Additionally, they faced document/data management issues with their vendors. They wanted to keep track of the performances of the entire workforce, but they couldn't keep a strict eye which caused a disturbance in their profits and significant loss.

Our clients reached out to us and we were more than happy to attend to their obstacles and be a part of their team to resolve their issues.

The main obstacles faced by our client were as follows:

  • Inefficiency to review workforce's performance
  • Incompetent talent for business growth
  • Imprecise vendor management
  • Inadequate storage and mismanagement of documents led to the loss of contracts and data
  • The haywire situation in scheduling meetings

To conclude, they urgently needed a solid and effective resolution that could take place immediately.

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The Solution

Any company needs to build trust at such critical times. Efficient workforce management solutions can come up with a complete faith that runs both ways. And for us, it is essential to answer any query our client comes up with. This led to our next step – a demonstration of our Recruitment Workforce Management System.

"Our key feature is to provide our clients 95% of the personalized platform." – Flentis

As our US-based client belongs to a delicate industry, we made sure we prioritized security on data, documentation, and confidential information. Storage access and accessibility to stakeholders was the best solution for the firm. They were amazed to see their problems dissolve with the help of a cloud-based solution as AWS and Google Cloud technologies were used.

Since the organization faced incompetent talents, we resolved the problem by serving the feature of talent pools. Candidate pools, a component of our VMS portal, made it convenient for our client to trace top talents with specific skills in no time. Additionally, getting top talents from a cloud-based portal with complete documentation keeps the performance of their business at a consistent rate with a competitive growth rate.

After onboarding the top talents from candidate pools, we focused on the next issue – workforce performance review. The VMS portal allows our client to track the candidates' KPIs, timesheets, and performance records. In fact, newly onboarded employees are given training sessions.

The imprecise vendor management issue was resolved by assisting the client during the initial setup of the Vendor Management Software. They store all the information, data, documents, and other critical docs of their employees on our cloud-based platform. Each labor's detailed data is on the VMS system making it convenient for this organization to spot the labor and their performance. The VMS platform automatically categorizes the employees based on their talents and skills.

The final obstacle our client faced was related to the meetings and scheduling the same. FlentisPRO smoothly resolved this issue by showcasing the calendar-scheduler tool. Ever since our Missouri-based client started utilizing this tool, all meetings have been successful and on time. With an additional feature of receiving reminders, our client never misses out on any upcoming interview, conference, or even the contract's expiry and legal documents.

With our ensured 30-day implementation of the VMS software, all their problems were solved. They saw expenses within the budget, deliverables sent on time, their business started to bloom in the market again, and workforce management was smoother than ever.

Along with joining hands together, we added free hours of training with a 24-hour helpdesk as after-sale service for this multinational organization. Our experts make it a point to attend to any query they come up with and resolve their issues in no time.

The Result

Our Missouri-based client was delighted to see results in less than a month.

They are thrilled to see their organization's reputation get back on track. They now have a workforce consisting of the best talents around the globe, interact with candidates through the in-built video conferencing tool, and save by a margin on their expenses. They couldn't stop talking about the amount of benefit they had with the help of the Learning Management System (LMS) tool.

This company is now a proud user of FlentisPRO that assists them with features such as onboarding-offboarding workforce, monitoring revenues, unbreakable security, sufficient storage, easy scheduling of meetings, timely reminder notifications, and most importantly, the management of the best talents they have hired. The management has a bird-eye view of their recruitment cycle and more visibility on the HR expenses.

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