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Top 7 Ways For MSPs to Retain Clients Using A VMS Platform

The Managed Services market is expected to rise from USD 152.05 billion in 2020 to USD 274.20 billion in 2026. The industry is rapidly growing, resulting in neck-to-throat competition between providers. Thus, MSPs are on a constant lookout for ways that can help them retain their clients. The good news is, you don’t need to go too far for that Vendor Management System has got you covered. If you are wondering how then here are the Top 7 Ways For MSPs to Retain Clients Using a VMS Platform:

1: Single Dashboard

Often MSPs face the challenge of switching between numerous platforms for different clients. FlentisPRO VMS gives them the facility to manage all the clients using a single platform. This provides them with the ease of finding all the required information at the same place without switching between dashboards for different clients.

2: User-friendly design

Using a VMS comes with many challenges for a client, especially during implementation. You don’t want to add to it with a complex platform. The market demands a user-friendly platform that is easily adaptable. Some of the best VMS companies like Flentis Corporation design their system keeping in mind the needs of a user. Since vendors of every level use VMS, we have built a Vendor Management System that is basic- making it easy to understand and use for the clients.

3: White-labeled platform

As the technology is still growing, MSPs often come across clients that will be using a VMS portal for the first time to manage their workforce. Offering a personalized dashboard adds to the advantages of a Vendor Management System for a client. With Flentis Pro VMS, you can give your clients a personalized experience through a channel URL that is easy to remember. This provides for a branding edge to the clients, making them more interested in your product and services.

4: Reusable talent pool

One of the primary challenges faced by any MSP is that they have to create a different talent pool for different clients but not anymore. You can now use and reuse a single talent pool. This reduces the time and costs to hire a resource, thus offering better services to a client.

5: Automated communication

Through VMS, you can offer your clients the advantage of automated communication via e-mail and SMS. This helps them send updates to candidates about the recruitment process, reminding them about upcoming interviews and assessments, etc. Clients can also send out a communication to their vendors using VMS regarding attendance, claims, performance reports, salary, and much more.

6: Document management

Your clients can compile all their data saved on-device and on different platforms at the same place using a VMS portal. The cloud-based system allows anytime and anywhere access to all the data. It also automatically updates all the information of the running processes as well.

7: Secure Data

VMS platforms are password-protected and help prevent security breaches, thus offering an escape route for preventing data theft. Moreover, your clients can have selective access to the information they wish to showcase to their vendors depending on their role.

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