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Personality Traits in the Workplace: Use Vendor Management System for Full Assessment

Personality Traits in the Workplace: Use Vendor Management System for Full Assessment

“Ensuring that you are hiring the right candidate for the contingent assignment means a rigorous vetting process which is now possible with Vendor Management System.”

Is it rightful to measure personality traits before hiring a candidate?

Human Resource managers are always split between opinions when it comes to judging the book by its cover. You can never ascertain your first instinct about a person in the first few meetings. However, it is highly essential to be a cent percent sure that you’re hiring the right candidate into your organization as there’s a lot of time, effort, money, promises, and work involved. Any hard miss of judgment can lead to not only a huge loss of talent acquisition budget but also your company’s reputation.

So, yes, it is rightful to measure the personality traits. But, to do this subtly, you need a tool. An intuitive tool that can bring in the technology and science to support your endeavors. This is where recruitment agencies believe in automating their hiring process.

Here are the critical parameters for a candidate’s full personality assessment:

  • Openness to Explore & Experience
    This personality trait is a big positive to ensure your workforce is ready to learn, explore, and accept challenges as and when they come. Situational quizzes have helped management to determine how different people react to situations differently.
    It depends on the stress Vs. the cognitive-behavioral pattern that maps one’s actions and reactions.
    Candidates who have scored high in the Openness parameter are termed creative, curious, and calm. These three Cs work well if you’re hiring for jobs that may require employees to dig deep into the problem to find unique solutions.
  • Conscientiousness
    It’s a blend of logical comprehension and work integrity that makes people score high on this test. This test will be the best determiner when you’re hiring candidates for roles that require people management, project in-charge, or other leadership roles.
    People with active conscience tend to act organized, control the situation, and manage well where others might falter quickly.
  • Extraversion
    Extroverts are social beings and attract good business in the client-front roles. Lately, the introvert traits have been affecting a lot of the working class. More people have adapted an introverted lifestyle, having spent almost two years without social interaction due to the pandemic. Hence, this quality is quite essential for successful business development.
    Workforce management tools in USA companies are helping recruiters to identify the best combination of confident and social candidates for temporary jobs as they reduce the time to settle into a new ecosystem for their short-term jobs.
  • Agreeableness
    There’s a misconception among the younger millennials that being blunt or rude in the workplace will make you look confident under your skin. While these are entirely different things, HR managers would agree that they’d instead hire people with a softer core and clearer mindset.
    The employees with a kind and sympathetic approach are always preferred over the others. That’s because you always want to add positive energies into your office.
  • Neuroticism
    It’s about emotional stability. Recruiters often ask candidates, “How well can you differentiate between your personal and professional lives?” You may also have noticed that companies want to hire employees with high “Happy Score.” This isn’t about undermining the importance of mental health but understanding every employee’s tendency to take pressure work.
    This test allows employers to assimilate ways to keep their workforce happy and healthy.

How can Vendor Management System USA help to measure these personality traits?

Today’s technology is about fitting inside the hybrid model of an organization’s IT network. These days, companies are inclined towards customization. Even for automating their business operations, they need applications that can communicate with other existing ones.

Our vendor management system, FlentisPRO is absolutely safe to make that work.

  • Learning Management System: Our tech stack has all capacities to integrate third-party applications or customize SCORM-compliant content that can help you assess a candidate’s personality before entering the final stages of the recruitment cycle.
  • Candidate Relationship Management: Our VMS web application allows your hiring manager to keep notes for future interviewing processes while having multiple interview rounds. This functionality enables managers to make a comprehensive analysis of a candidates’ behavioral and skills acumen.

The Takeaway

Do you think it is a great idea to integrate a personality test into the interview process? Let us know if you’re interested to know how a contingent vendor management USA system will benefit your company. Drop us a message here or mail us at info@flentis.com.

We are looking forward to your message!

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