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The Case Study of an E-Commerce Company

Smoothly Handling Unlimited Information of Your Employees and Managing Your Workforce

The Case Study of an E-Commerce Company

Client Details

  • Industry: E-Commerce Sector
  • Company Size: 1,00,000+ Employees Worldwide
  • Geography: Washington, United States
  • Founded in: 1994

The Problem Statement

This Seattle-based company started back in 1994 and became a significant hit a couple of years after. The e-commerce company became our client in early 2020. They had around 1,00,000 employees worldwide when they got in touch with us and wanted to expand so that service to customers would be at its best.

The primary problem for this Washington-based e-commerce company was data management. The client was concerned about data storage, data theft, reminders of contracts, information on their permanent staff, temporary staff, remote workers, and SOW agreements. They wanted a platform where everything could be managed in one go.

When they reached out to Flentis, we concluded that we would resolve the following obstacles:

  • Employee data theft, data storage, and data management
  • Automated Reminder-notifications
  • Management of different types of employment
  • Performance review, timesheet tracker, and invoicing
  • Centralized management

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The Solution

The Washington-based company was at a neck-to-neck competition with their competitors, and they had the urge to get ahead of their rivals and stay at the top of the list. To do so, they needed a robust workforce and a top-functioning contingent vendor management system USA.

We started by solving their biggest problem – data-related issues. Our cloud-based VMS solution provided them with more than enough storage that could be accessed from anywhere in the world. They were delighted to see the tight security on the platform as all the details were locked with login credentials and hosted at a DMZ zone ensuring no cyber threats. Data became way easier to manage, and they could investigate the performance history of their employees in one click.

Since all the data and information of their employees were on our VMS platform, managing SOW contracts, full-time employees, part-time laborers, remote workers, and freelancers became easy. Keeping track of their timesheet, KPIs, and performances were smoother than ever. Additionally, invoicing became an immense relief as the invoices were automatically generated. Furthermore, we helped them integrate the third-party software for managing payrolls.

The client had mentioned during the demonstration that the e-commerce company had faced legal offenses that costed them huge settlements due to inability to pre-manage expiration of documents and certificates, which put their reputation at risk; therefore, we made it a point to add all their contracts and the renewal/expiry dates to the reminder tool so that they were notified well in advance.

As far as hiring and recruiting was concerned, our talent pool (made from some of their existing candidate list and some from new lists) allowed them to find an ideal candidate based on different categories. They were indeed pleased to onboard highly talented staff for projects.

The Result

This Seattle-based firm successfully added around 27 percent to its employees and converted several part-time workers to permanent ones. Their employee cost reduced to 19.7% as compared to their previous expenses on employees.

About Flentis

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