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How to Get Your Organization on Top with a VMS Portal

A route to acquire top talents, staying compliant, and mitigating vendor risk.

How to Get Your Organization on Top with a VMS Portal

Client Details

  • Industry: IT & Services
  • Size: 10,000+ Employees
  • Geography: Washington, United States
  • Founded in: 1975

The Problem Statement

Our client is an American multinational technology company that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Since our client deals in various aspects of IT and services, they are bound to onboard external labor for different projects.

Like any other company, our client was afraid to loosen up all the data to its workforce. Our customizable Vendor Management System – FlentisPRO – filled this gap to solve the challenges they were facing.

After COVID hitting every business in the market, it became hard to sustain a good workforce. Not only this, many top talents had gone back to their hometowns, causing our client to have a downfall during the pandemic. The HR department also faced a lot of backlashes. Nevertheless, our client reached out to us by seeing one of our advertisements, and we were more than happy to attend to them.

Our sector experts understood the issues in their business process from our client’s stakeholders, which further helped to understand the in-comings and outgoings for the company. There were particular vital challenges such as:

  • Advertising and managing interviews for senior posts via ATS, Video Tools, or the Interview Scheduler as talents were required to work from home in the situation.
  • Tracking remote workers and freelancers, as well as their performances, was seen as a hassle.
  • They wanted top talents all around the world for better growth as a business.
  • They wanted to stay compliant due to the new labor laws and make a smooth move for those with the location issue.

“FlentisPRO enables organizations to secure operational dynamics. Whether you manage recruitment programs internally or externally, we have the right solution for you.”

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The Solution

Flentis offered a 60-minute live demonstration with our technology and implementation team. This medium was merrily attended by our client. The conversation went to and fro between the parties to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and the plan to reach the workforce management solution. This conversation further created a centralized and custmoized vendor management system for our client, the multinational organization.

Our client, accompanied by their Managed Service Provider (MSP), took us as their recruitment workforce management partner, and this way, we provided them a cost-effective solution.

“Our key feature is to provide our clients 95% of the personalized platform.” – Flentis

As the company’s work profile is quite sensitive and with their reputation on a fine line, they required enhanced technology to trace the data footprints. We overcame the obstacles by providing the IT & Services company with a centralized view of their contingent workforce. The medium helped them monitor the performances and keep track of the top talent. Not only this, they could easily choose the best talents with relatable skills in no time.

As far as the interviews were concerned, the video conference meeting went in as per schedule using the in-built video and scheduler. It was easier for their HR to manage senior-level interviews with multiple rounds and hire the same. The results amplified with an ensured thirty-day implementation of the recruitment management software. Not only this but free hours of training also was added to our client’s kitty. A twenty-four-hour helpdesk came along as the after-sale service. Our experts attended to queries and gave them entire technical support post-sale.

The extra benefit of the top VMS portal was that it automatically notified them about their expiring documents and contracts of employees, and the company saved legal offenses like a pro. Spends and budgeting also became more transparent and easier to monitor via timesheets, expense sheets, and invoice management tools.

The Result

Our clients started seeing a difference in the initial month. They couldn’t believe that they could save double on acquisition spends than what they previously did by using a compatible Recruitment Workforce Management System. They also saw commendable deliveries made by their outsourced talents as our clients have been training them for the job using Learning Management System integrated to their VMS platform. They were quickly able to achieve above a hundred percent of their annual growth targets.

They have a cloud-based system to monitor revenues, have easy onboarding and off-boarding staff, smooth interviews, schedulers, top talents for various projects, and mitigate compliance risk related to vendors.

About Flentis

Flentis Corporation, a cloud-based SaaS platform, is aiding mid-size & large enterprises to procure & manage their contingent workforce. Our VMS platform is built on agile methodologies that support end-to-end talent management for our clientele that includes healthcare, IT, and light-industrial companies.. Flentis aspires to become the choice of all recruitment, procurement, and HR professionals for simplifying the recruitment cycle & bringing evolution to hiring technology. Proud to say that we’ve become MSPs' favorite and direct clients' only choice when it comes to requisition and assignment management.

“A Reimagined, Reinvented and Renovated VMS Platform”

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