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Webinar Episode 2: Adopting the Right Journey in Healthcare Contingent Labor

To state the obvious, "Healthcare staffing has been challenging during the pandemic." To overcome the pressure of demand-supply, healthcare institutes started quickly renovating their tech environment to procure and manage their healthcare contingent labor effectively and efficiently.

But as time passes, there is a gap between tech solutions and realistic expectations.

Have you been struggling with your existing system of healthcare staffing? Or are you looking to upgrade your contingent workforce management? Or maybe you're just looking for what's new in the market?

Watch our special episode of #FlentisTuneIn. Let's talk about the challenges, risk compliance, and the right journey to adopt healthcare contingent labor.

To join us in this episode is our Guest Speaker, Francis Larson, CEO and founder of Ascen. He shares his viewpoints and industry insights with the audience.

Get to know more about the partnership between Flentis and Ascen and how it's aligned to help the MSPs, direct clients, and staffing agencies.

Are you ready to feel the fresh breeze of ideas, opinions, and suggestions on getting your healthcare contingent staffing, right?

About Flentis Corporation, a VMS Company:

Flentis Corporation, a cloud-based SaaS Vendor Management System company, is aiding mid-size & large enterprises to procure & manage their contingent workforce. Our VMS platform is built on agile methodologies that support end-to-end talent management for our clientele including healthcare, IT, and light-industrial companies.. Flentis aspires to become the choice of all recruitment, procurement, and HR professionals for simplifying the recruitment cycle & bringing evolution to hiring technology. Proud to say that we’ve become MSPs' favorite and direct clients' only choice when it comes to requisition and assignment management.