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Flentis Partners With WorkLLama: Direct Sourcing Meets VMS Platform

Flentis Corporation has made a grand blast with its interactive live webinar around the last week of August. Experts from the industry were present to answer live questions popping up in the chat section.

24 August 2022 – WorkLlama and Flentis Corporation collaborated earlier in July. To announce this great partnership effort from the leadership team of both companies, we conducted an existing webinar to introduce the upcoming upgrades and how clients can now be at ease. This 45-minute online seminar solved all doubts about talent pools and how one can get on-demand talent and manage them throughout.

“Direct Sourcing is really all about leveraging a customer’s brand to attract engaged candidates and invite them to join a talent community that is fully branded to the customer… This VMS Platform is fully integrated with a Direct Sourcing solution which makes it technically seamless to a customer. It is a value-driven platform.” - Kevin poll, WorkLlama

If you missed the webinar live, do listen to our experts on the following:

  • Details of a talent pool
  • Candidate Pool Functions
  • How Can You Utilize a Talent Pool to Your Benefit
  • Rewards of a Candidate Pool
  • How Does This Assist in Making the Hiring and Recruiting Processes Smooth?
  • How Does a Talent Pool Target Your Desired Candidate Profile?
  • Can You Onboard Top Talents? How?
  • Management of On-demand Talents
  • The Process of Hiring On-demand Talents
  • How Does a Talent Pool Assist in Hiring On-demand Talents?

This thought-proviking talk concluded with a live Q&A session. Speakers from Flentis- Laura Moritz, Greg Battig, and Eric Koppin brought valuable insight on to the table. Our guest speaker from WorkLlama, Kevin Poll made the whole show worth watching at least thrice!

Meet our leaders :


    The Chief Information Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Flentis is responsible for the expansion of the business but also manages a team of more than 100 people with 3 directors and multiple managers. He leads management initiatives like process design, gap analysis, business procedures, technology rollouts, job design, staff development, and much more.


    The Head of Sales at Flentis is one of the first sales leaders in the VMS/MSP niche. He has worked in technology-driven management and staffing since 1999 and backs 20+ years of experience within the staffing industry in strategic sales, consulting, and management in talent acquisition, and various workforce solutions. His solutions provide an initiative-taking approach to finding a diverse and niche talent that fits your requirements.


    The Director of Implementation specializes in MSPs, Supplier Management & Optimization. And also manages supplier relationships to provide top talents and deals with diverse strategies, cost savings, as well as innovation. She knows how to drive the recruitment processes with suppliers and collaborates with managers to tailor contract requests.


    The Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at WorkLLama is responsible for developing and leading the channel partner strategy, guiding go-to-market strategy, and advancing the company’s position in the market.


“If you are not vetting candidates directly or drilling down on specific experiences on technical attitudes then you are not doing yourself any good, especially with time sensitivity… There’s a lot available today in a Talent Pool that was not there yesterday. That’s what FlentisPRO brings you - a VMS for everything.” - Eric Koppin, Flentis Corporation


WorkLLama is a total talent acquisition and engagement suite. Harness the power of AI with a complete suite of ATS, CRM, and direct sourcing tools to create a community of highly engaged talent for all hiring needs. WorkLLama assists companies in engaging with candidates, employees, contractors, and clients with meaningful experiences.


FlentisPRO is a thoughtful invention that is precisely constructed within 1+ Million hours of collaborative brainstorming, development, and implementation from scratch to a polished cloud-based SAAS Platform. For us, your comfort and interest in using FlentisPRO defines our success. And we revolved all our decision-making to ensure product quality, and modish UI/UX, with a secure technology that suits your enterprise.

We assist and enable companies to procure and manage the intelligent workforce on our innovative portal. Incepted in 2017 and headquartered in North Dakota, USA, and Ontario, Canada is now spread across the UK, India, and Singapore. Flentis renders 250+ years of combined experience in catering to Fortune 500 companies and mid-to-large enterprises with contingent and permanent workforce management solutions backed by advanced data analytics and market research.

Flentis started with the innovation of masterminds that put in day and night to create a vendor management system that adheres to solving business problems, especially in relation to vendors and management. A vendor management software solution is supposed to handle vendor-related issues such as tracking time, managing performances, onboarding new talents, offboarding, keeping a track of old and new talents, the capability to hire talents as soon as possible, track KPIs, store data and other information, keep your documents secure, and much more. And FlentisPRO does just that.

Click on the Link below to Watch the Full Webinar:
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