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Live Webinar: Catch Flentis & Gallagher & Consultants Reveal Industry Secrets on 1st March

Are you planning a contingent workforce strategy for 2023? Hold on! Flentis And Team Gallagher are here to bring industry knowledge to compare and contrast old and modern approaches to managing your hiring process.

Fargo, ND, March 2023:

Flentis Corporation is set to put up a sparkling show along with Gallagher and Consultants to discuss the contingent workforce trends in 2023. After a lot of research and a round of consultations with the clients, we have curated all the concerning pillars for this webinar.

Is 2023 going to be any different than 2022?

When it comes to organizations, the top three concerns are:

  • Employees retention & workforce exhaustion
  • Controlling acquisition cost
  • Procuring talent in the competitive landscape

Flentis and team Gallagher felt the need to sit and discuss the best solutions for clients. Register for this webinar now if you're someone hunting for a talent solution while juggling these challenges.

We're excited to bring you the freshest opinion and experts' opinions on:

  • The trends of 2023 contingent workforce staffing
  • The impact of flexibility on the workforce productivity
  • Shopping for custom-fit technology solution
  • Benefits of weighing different staffing solution models to enable talent forms
  • Importance of agile & fast implementation
  • Identifying a set of peripheral services to support 360-degree talent acquisition

With the right mindset, employees and companies can thrive in 2023 and beyond by embracing the future of work.

We're honored to have Terri Gallagher, the president/CEO of Gallagher and Consultants, join us as the Guest Speaker in this episode. With her vast knowledge and experience, our audience is set for a trip to future staffing, where the global workforce is managed at your fingertips.

About Gallagher and Consultants:

Gallagher and Consultants offer a wide range of non-traditional labor consulting and solutions that are innovative, customized, and focused on alternative workforce and multi-talent supply as they are not restricted by specific partnerships or alliances, which enables them to operate ethically and with integrity as a pure play, neutral workforce solutions consultancy company.

About Flentis Corporation, a VMS Company:

Flentis Corporation, a cloud-based SaaS Vendor Management System provider, assists mid-size and big businesses in procuring and managing their contingent workforce. Our VMS platform is based on agile approaches and supports end-to-end talent management for our clients, who include healthcare, IT, and light industrial firms. Flentis strives to be the preferred solution for all recruitment, procurement, and HR professionals to streamline the recruiting process and advance hiring technology. We are proud to state that we have become MSPs' preferred and direct clients' only choice for requisition and assignment management.