Common questions about Flentis

We created a unique set of Q&A’s available for you to understand more about us. If your question still is not answered please feel free to send us an email using the form below.

  • Does the system work globally?

    YES – FLENTISPRO works anywhere in the world.

  • What is the minimum company size that can use this tool?

    FLENTISPRO Works with you and grows with you. Company size is not a factor. We support companies from 1 to up to a million users. 

  • Does the system support Contingent and Full Time employees?

    YES – FLENTISPRO Supports contingent (full time, part-time and seasonal) as well as full time employees.

  • Can it be configured to fit my company needs?

    ABSOLUTELY – FLENTISPRO Is built on top of API’s which means it allows us to customize or install out of the box for each client. We can customize it to include your company logo, look and feel and even have the same colors as your web site AND MANY MORE

  • How is your system different from others?

    FLENTISPRO Is written in state of the art languages taking advantage of new and modern browsers allowing us to enhance the experience of all our users.
    FLENTISPRO is also easy to customize as it is written with API’s in mind. Some of the features available that make us different are: • SMS FUNCTIONALITY, OUTLOOK WEB ACCESS INTEGRATION, INTEGRATION TO THIRD PARTY SYSTEMS LIKE BACK-OFFICE, PAYROLL, ADMIN, INBUILT ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE, DMS and much more.

  • Is it a web based or desktop system?

    FLENTISPRO Is a web/cloud based system which can be operated from anywhere in the world using any device. It only needs an internet connection.

  • Does FlentisPRO support 360 degree hiring?

    YES – FLENTISPRO Support 360 degree hiring it is a fully automated end to end system which seamlessly integrate client/MSP’s and staffing partners

  • Is it Secure?

    YES – FLENTISPRO Is secure . FLENTISPRO Uses SSL encryption level at the BROWSER level and also our database is hosted at a DMZ. (DEMILITARIZED ZONE) and complies with HIPPA, PIPEDA and GDPR

  • Do you integrate to other systems?

    YES – FLENTISPRO connects to any system by using API’s.

  • Where is the data hosted?

    Data is hosted at the clients preference – we use cloud hosting services from (Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services) we can host your data anywhere in the world.

  • Does Flentis support other languages?

    YES – FLENTISPRO supports over 57 languages and growing.

  • I want to use your system. What is the minimum contract engagement?

    We provide flexible contract options for your company – please contact us at info@flentis.com to know more

  • What is your pricing model like?

    Our pricing model is flexible based on your needs please contact us at info@flentis.com   to know more

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