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Flentis Strengthens Its Compliance & Risk Management With Independently.ai

Flentis Strengthens Its Compliance & Risk Management With Independently.ai

Flentis makes compliance and risk management its strength by partnering with Independently.ai. With a global workforce, each client needs an architecture that ensures their daily tasks don’t suffer due to stringent policies for vetting candidates. Once you integrate with Independently via FlentisPRO VMS, your managers will cherish the stress-free culture and clients will be 100% sure of the quality of work.

9 September 2022- More and more employers want to expand their talent supply but feel restricted by the labor laws and international employment clause. They wish to engage with the gig workers in order to get variety and timely deliverables. It is essential to have a consistent method to ensure compliance but due to the variety in compliance levels and limits of a vendor’s practice, consistency is less found in the firms. This results in a lack of security amongst enterprise clients.

Flentis Corporation has partnered with Independently.ai to provide an AI-based independent contractor vetting and worker classification that includes an insurance-backed indemnification that is agnostic and independent of the staffing or employer of the record vendor community. Independently.ai has seamlessly integrated into the FlentisPRO worker onboarding process. The process independently automates data collection and documentation to instantly determine if a worker should be engaged as an independent contractor or a temporary employee. Further, if the individual intends on being an independent contractor but does not meet the criteria, Independently.ai’s process educates the individual on what it takes to be an independent contractor and also provides an API-driven marketplace of vendors that enables the worker to set up and ensure their small businesses.

““We are excited to partner with Flentis and we believe to offer the best breed IC vetting & classification solution with our one-of-a-kind insurance-backed indemnification to protect enterprise clients, staffing suppliers, and workers alike from non-compliance with complex employment and tax laws affecting independent contractors and temporary employees.” – Jeffery Nugent, Indpendently.ai

FlentisPRO has successfully become USA’s best vendor management system and aims to achieve this globally. The Flentis Team is thrilled with their partnership with Independently.ai and looks forward to coming up with an interesting live meet soon – from CaaS to SaaS.


Independently is the world’s first AI-based global worker classification tool that provides a comprehensive defense file and insurance-backed indemnification. We enable the talent to compliantly choose how they want to work while protecting the eco-system of enterprise clients, online platforms, and staffing agencies from worker misclassification and non-compliance with employment & tax laws globally. Agnostic from all staffing or employer/agent of records vendors we provide the gold standard methodology for consistently accurate worker classification, defense file creation & insurance-backed indemnification for all parties. Independently standardizes worker validation, audit, and monitoring process across the industry & and the entire supply chain across global jurisdictions. No more guessing which vendor or worker is not compliant and could trigger liability. Due to our independence and standard approach, we remove potential commercial bias or client pressures to create risk and classify workers improperly to save money, increase margin or appease a demanding worker. Through our efficient compliance wizard, scoring algorithm, and marketplace of products and services we enable independence and empower workers to choose how they would like to work or perform their services compliantly.


FlentisPRO is a thoughtful invention that is precisely constructed within 1+ Million hours of collaborative brainstorming, development, and implementation from scratch to a polished cloud-based SAAS Platform. For us, your comfort and interest in using FlentisPRO defines our success. And we revolved all our decision-making to ensure product quality, and modish UI/UX, with a secure technology that suits your enterprise.

We assist and enable companies to procure and manage the intelligent workforce on our innovative portal. Incepted in 2017 and headquartered in North Dakota, USA, and Ontario, Canada is now spread across the UK, India, and Singapore. Flentis renders 250+ years of combined experience in catering to Fortune 500 companies and mid-to-large enterprises with contingent and permanent workforce management solutions backed by advanced data analytics and market research.

Aseem Anand is the brain behind this SAAS Platform, FlentisPRO. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of both OPUSING and Flentis Corporation. He specializes in International Business, Start-ups, Building Teams, Strategic Planning & Marketing, the SAAS Platform, Product Development, Hiring & Recruitment as well as Thought-Leadership. You can look up FlentisPRO at their website www.flentis.com and even drop us a mail at info@flentis.com for more details.