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FlentisPRO VMS Implementation: Technology Addresses Data Evaluation

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FlentisPRO VMS Implementation: Technology Addresses Data Evaluation

Client Details

  • Industry: Health Care Equipment & Services
  • Company Size: 3500+
  • Revenue: $ 257 Million

The Problem Statement

Flentis onboarded a healthcare equipment company in October 2021. With their 12 offices spread across North America, their need to implement a VMS platform was inevitable. During the pandemic, a surge in the contingent workforce platforms created unrest that led to the implementation of the modern vendor management system.

After identifying their problem statement through various meetings, our business experts outlined the following challenges in the product implementation:

  • Manual Processes

    The client was tracking their contingent workforce manually that introduced human errors frequently in the recorded data

  • Outdated Technology

    Their teams were using Emails and spreadsheets as the only back-office technology

  • No Consolidated Data Intelligence or Visibility

    No single source or system of truth to gather data for implementation


Our implementation team construed a strategy that dealt with the baseline problems first. After identifying the right contact person for each department:

  1. HR
  2. Finance
  3. Adminstration
  4. Suppliers

We worked with them for sourcing the relevant data.

The project was divided into two phases:

  1. The implementation project team targeted the largest locations first. They worked with their accounting teams to identify invoices coming from all suppliers in the contingent labor category. This revealed all suppliers so we could work with appointed suppliers for data about their hired candidates.

  2. We then worked with hiring managers at each location & department to collect any data they have on their workers. This helped to unveil several workers that were missed by the accounting teams.

Our business experts helped the client to collaborate all the physical and digital data into a master sheet which is specially created for the migration of unaccounted data into a system like FlentisPRO VMS. The master sheet was then validated and signed off by the client and suppliers.


Once the master list of information was validated, the data from all the 12 identified locations was migrated into Flentis PRO VMS. This included all the important aspects like location, address, hiring manager, timesheet approver, rates, job title, documents, etc.

Our implementation process ensures digging out all hidden loopholes in the existing system that causes a loss in revenue or legal risk. For example, the difference in the headcount of contingent workers. It could happen for several reasons like new workers that had not been invoiced for yet or workers that were employed with suppliers that had not been appropriately set up in the contingent labor category.


To state a few milestones, the FlentisPRO VMS implementation process helped the client to bring automation to many areas and reduce human errors to nil.

The highlights:

  • 15 suppliers were identified
  • 425 total active workers across all client sites.

All active workers and suppliers were seamlessly transitioned into FlentisPro.

  • 152 client users including hiring managers, timesheet apprand overs, accounting and approval teams attended training sessions with the Flentis team and were provided with user guides.

  • All 15 suppliers also attended training sessions designed specifically for the supplier users.

After six months of program initiation, 93 requisitions 5,648 timesheets 25 invoices 4 system upgrades were made to accelerate and scale client business as they intended to match the market needs.

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