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The Case Study of an Engineering and Construction Industry

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Client Details

  • Industry: Engineering and Construction Industry
  • Size: 5000+ Employees
  • Geography: Washington DC, USA
  • Founded in: 1967

The Problem Statement

Our client is a USA-based engineering and construction company with expertise in AutoCAD, prefabrication, design, installation, and other facets of mechanical construction. They believe in demonstrating competency in safety, quality, as well as service. Since our client deals with a variety of projects, they often require external labor.

The company was initially a bit skeptical about releasing its data to its workforce, which is understandable. And they wanted to know if our Recruitment Workforce Management System could bridge this gap with its given features for one’s business growth.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, their projects got hampered. Even though several departments were not able to function in full force, work still had to be done. All their projects came to a halt. There was a need for an external workforce due to insufficient staff being present. The employee rate fell down by 27.9% and they were unable to manage the projects, couldn’t handle the deliverables well, and fell under pressure. That is when one of the significant members of the firm saw our advertisement and contacted us on LinkedIn. Once we were aware of their obstacles, we were more than glad to join their side.

The experts at our end understood the problems our client was facing. The client’s stakeholders clearly described the issues that were present even prior to COVID. The discussion helped to filter out the possibility in several aspects. They faced vital challenges, and the same was as follows:

  1. Inadequate supply of top talent for better growth in business.
  2. Complicated management of the vendors.
  3. Inability to review the performance of the employees along with their work-time tracking.
  4. Particular contract and data loss with less storage and the management of the same.
  5. Mismatch or incorrect invoice generation.

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The Solution

The business firm team members were more than happy to attend a sixty-minute demonstration by our technology and implementation workforce. The client came up with their doubts and queries. Our experts successfully resolved their questions then and there. This to and fro of asking and answering built the foundation of trust between the two firms, which made them more confident in us. This conversation was indeed necessary to understand all the obstacles and give out the solutions for better workforce management. The in-depth discussion led to a more centralized and customized contingent management system for our US-based organization.

The MSP of our client and the client itself were excited to have us on board as their recruitment workforce management partner. And when things were solid, we provided them a cost-effective solution that they heartily welcomed.

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As the company belongs to a versatile industry and its reputation was on a fine line, data footprints needed to be tracked. The main obstacles like staff shortage, inability to review the performance of their workforce, and fault in the invoice generation were taken care of once we provided them a centralized view on the portal. They were glad to see that the performances could now be monitored, and they could track the work hours given in by each employee. Our client was also completely satisfied that invoices were generated automatically, and they said that it was flawless. This United States of America-based company is more than happy to have all their contracts and data safe and secure in one place. Last but not least, they clearly stated that onboarding talents from the talent pool has never been more effortless, and they got the top talents in no time.

Our client was delighted to use our video conferencing tool to schedule interviews. All-in-all, the results were tremendous. With our ensured thirty-day implementation of the contingent workforce management software, the entire workforce was at a whole new level of success and business growth. As a token of joining hands together, we added free hours of training in their kitty along with a twenty-four-hour helpdesk as after-sale service. Our experts attended to any query they had and gave them the technical support that was needed.

Our VMS portal notified them about the expiring contracts, due dates of documents and gave them reminders on time, which kept them safe from legal obstacles. In addition to this, they noticed a massive difference in their expenses and budgets.

The Result

The results were visible even before a month, which was a win-win for our client. They are amazed by noticing the significant margins on their expenses and made changes accordingly to their budgets. The US-based company is still seeing commendable deliveries made by the top talents. Their total head count growth went up to eleven percent in the second quarter. And they mentioned that the Learning Management System (LMS) on the VMS Platform is a big help for the training. They couldn’t stop praising the Vendor Management System and went on to say that FlentisPRO is the best VMS Platform they have come across.

Some of the most hired positions with the help of our VMS portal were Assistant Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Superintendent, Manufacturing Technologist, Mechanical Designers, Administrative Clerk, Refuse Collector, and a Fleet Manager. Our client is now proud users of a cloud-based portal that provides them the benefits of smooth interview schedules, smarter candidate assessments, easy onboarding and offboarding of their workforce, flawless monitoring of revenues, ease in the performance review, time tracking, and enough storage with security.

About Flentis

Flentis Corporation, a cloud-based SaaS platform, is aiding mid-size & large enterprises to procure & manage their contingent workforce. Our VMS platform is built on agile methodologies that support end-to-end talent management for our clientele that includes healthcare, IT, and light-industrial companies.. Flentis aspires to become the choice of all recruitment, procurement, and HR professionals for simplifying the recruitment cycle & bringing evolution to hiring technology. Proud to say that we’ve become MSPs' favorite and direct clients' only choice when it comes to requisition and assignment management.

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