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5 Tips to Improve Candidate Experience and Boost Employee Retention

A company's most valuable asset is its employees and the skills they possess. When the best minds come together to make the best companies, businesses can’t afford to lose good candidates. Companies have been wondering why they lose the best candidates and how they can improve candidate experience and boost employee retention.

It is a bad employer experience that causes applicants to lose interest in a job. A frustrating application process causes 9 out of 10 applicants to drop out. Responding late, creating issues, and hiding facts and figures are some of the reasons good candidates are upset. We've compiled a list of the problems the candidates face with solutions:

1: Automate communication:

Bob applied to a company after going through the job details but later learned that his role is different from what he applied for. Not only will this upset him for wasting his time and efforts, but he will also immediately decide to retract his application. The best way to tackle the situation, according to experts at Flentis, a VMS company in the USA, is to automate communication to keep the candidate engaged. It eliminates the chances of human error and maintains the candidate’s interest at the same time.

2: Reduce IT Chaos:

Finding a good job is in itself a back-breaking process. Additionally, requiring a candidate to use a variety of applications, websites, and portals to apply and communicate makes the process even more difficult. Make the application process as straightforward as possible for your candidates. From application to receiving updates, companies now use a single platform for the entire process. If you are a small business that does not hire very often or can't afford a dedicated system, you can simply use email to manage the entire hiring process.

3: Leverage VMS:

You can automate the entire hiring process through a Vendor Management System. While it makes the processing time cost-efficient for a recruiter, it automates the entire process for a candidate. Moreover, it helps the candidate to have a crystal clear process.

4: Speed up interview process:

One of the greatest advantages the technology has offered to mankind is speed. You can leverage technology to speed up the interview process using video calls. Many VMS portals offer a built-in video tool that enables you to take interviews virtually saving time for both. Scheduler, another feature of a VMS, works on tasks like running a process, recording, evaluating, and managing data at your place at a scheduled time.

5: Offer fair price of contract:

During the recruitment process, both the candidate and recruiter try to negotiate on the rate to contract. Since payroll is one of the primary reasons for any candidate to switch his/her job, we recommend you to offer a price of the contract that is fair for the candidate based on their expectation, last drawn amount, and the industry norms.

Taking a few steps towards a candidate-friendly recruitment process can help you in the long run. An uncomplicated recruitment process allows you to ensure higher acquisition and retention rates.

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